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Seminars on importance of studies Seminars on importance of studies


Drawing Competition सुपरमाईंड फाऊंडेशन, नटराज निकेतन नागपूर, पुणे व सामवेद इंटरनॅशनल यांच्या… more


Donate for a cause

Illiterate parents in rural


 Teachers having inadequate knowledge


 Lack of information about changes in syllabus and exam pattern


      Insufficient education facilities


Updated teaching tools are not available

  • We have great strength of youth which makes our country the youngest country. But the time has come to channelize the strength of this youth for a better India.
  • Let us join hand together to make our youth Aware, Alert, Skilled and Talented
•The features of this model will be:
–This model will based on the requirement of the school.
–Frequent meetings will be arranged with the Principal and teachers to understand their problems
–This model will work on the co-operation between teachers and our organization.
–This model can prove to be very effective way to bridge the distance.